Custom Solutions and Integrations

The Vesalius3D offering goes beyond the standard product offering. We offer custom module development, integration services, joint product development as well as client specific customizations.

Vesalius3D is respresented in 3 areas.

1. Vesalius3D for Manufacturers of Medical Equipment

We offer our technologies to hardware manufactures with a desire to integrate state of the art (3D) medical visualization within their product and those who want enhance their product offering.

Examples are

  • Integration of Vesalius3D in a digital surgical loupe (i-Med Technology) allowing the practitioner to keep focused on the patient while still being able to see patient specific anatomical structures from preoperative data.
  • Development of a brain tumor navigator where the visualization and extractions are done using Vesalius3D.
  • ”Golden-demo” developments for Barco, Dimenco and Wide that use Vesalius3D to show the power of their solutions.
  • 3D medical printing using Vesalius3D by Mimaki.

2. Vesalius3D in Healthcare Platforms

We offer services to integrate Vesalius3D or components into your EMR/EHR solution.

Vesalius3D provides a synergetic solution to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health Records (EHR) providers. These organizations make the health records better and easier available for all users in the health care chain.

Vesalius3D is the visualization tool that allows users to actually understand the medical images further down the health chain. As such it adds value to these platforms.

Vesalius3D allows the users to understand and communicate effectively using the medical images

Current projects

  • In the summer of 2020 patients in the Netherlands will have direct access to their data via a PGO (Patient-Related Environment) and can share it with anyone within and outside the healthcare chain. Several PGO providers are including Vesalius3D in their offering to ensure that the patient can also actually do something with the data himself.
  • Visualization components of Vesalius3D will be made available through EMR provider Asterique.

3. Vesalius3D for Education

Vesalius3D is used at universities and colleges to explain the 3D aspects of the human body, specialists explain complex procedures at hospital team meetings and to large audiences at conferences.

Current projects include the “Dave” project at the University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Inholland) and projects at the academic hospitals LUMC and AZM.

How can we help you integrate 3D medical visualization into your solution?

Contact us about your custom solution

Vesalius3D as a service

We do not only provide Vesalius3D as a product but also as a service. On request we can assist you to analyze your data by creating visualizations and/or extractions from datasets provided by you*.

If you want our Vesalius3D experts to have a close look at your data then contact us. Just describe the problem and send your dataset(s) to us using a safe file transfer service. Then we’ll contact you to further assist you.

We can also offer 3D printing of the created surface models.

* When we receive your data, this data is first anonymized in house and the source is deleted. The anonymized data is further used for analysis in Vesalius3D. Your data will remain your property.