Vesalius3D Packages

Vesalius3D offers a Basic License and Upgrade Packages to enhance your experience. Explore 3D visualizations, unlock hidden details, and optimize your medical practice. Upgrade to access premium features like custom visualizations, 2D and 3D measurements, and extraction tools for highlighting and 3D printing. Find your ideal package in the table below and optimize your medical workflow with Vesalius3D now!

Unlock advanced tools to customize visualizations
✔ Advanced presets
✔ Curve Editor tool
✔ Save & restore your work
Advanced Visualization
Unlock unlimited data and full library functionality
✔ Unlimited datasets
✔ Easy data management
✔ PACS connection
✔ Load multiple scans
Unlock all tools for extractions & quantifications
✔ Incl. Advanced Visualization package
✔ Create extractions for highlighting & 3D-printing
✔ Export extractions to STL-files
✔ Perform measurements
Premium Tools
Unlock Vesalius3D’s full potential
✔ Advanced Visualization
✔ Library
✔ Premium Tools
Full Version
2D & 3D patient specific visualization
Default visualization presets
Adjust image window/level
Cropping planes
Use offline 
Advanced visualization presets  
Curve Editor tool Manage 3D visualizations by modifying colors, opacitiy, and range
Save/Export visualizations  
Modify rendering quality Modify 3D visualizations to increase the rendering quality or system performance.
Max. patients in library15Unlimited5Unlimited
Full library functionality Easily import files from the file explorer. Categorize, filter, and calibrate datasets.
PACS connection   
Visualize multiple scans Load multiple datasets to compare between scans, or to add STL-files. Includes multimodality visualizations for comparisons between scans.
3D/4D ultrasound dataPhilips DICOM in Cartesian format (US) and GE VolDICOM (US)
Other image formats Open STL, JPG, TIFF, NRRD, NifTi, and other files directly from your filesystem.
Screenshots & videos
Save & restore work Use Presentation States to restore your work such as the point of view, layout, visualization settings, and extractions.
Extraction tools for highlighting & 3D-printing Tools: Thresholding, Scissors, Erasing, Painting, Region Growing, Adding & subtracting
Create STL-files for 3D-printing   
Perform measurementsMeasure in 2D and 3D: lengths, angles, and areas(2D)/volumes(3D)
Pick points   
Monthly€ 0€ 25€ 50€ 75€ 100
Yearly€ 0€ 250€ 500€ 750€ 1000
3 Years€ 0€ 600€ 1200€ 1800€ 2400

3D Stereo and Medical Experience

Combine the visualization power of Vesalius3D with intuitive 3D interaction in our 3D Stereo and Medical Experience Package. This package includes the Full Version Package, Stereo Visualization, 3D Interaction and the medical certified (Class I) version of Vesalius3D. Visualize your data in true 3D with stereoscopic screens and 3D projectors, and interact and navigate using our optical tracking solutions. Contact us to experience the optimal Vesalius3D experience on a 3D workstation.

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