Upgrade Packages

To enhance your Vesalius3D experience several Upgrade Packages are available. Premium functionality can be unlocked after the installation of a free Vesalius3D Basic license.


Check the available packages for your current license here

MonthYear3 Year
Vesalius3D BasicFREE
  • Advanced Visualization Package

    Unlock the advanced visualization tools in Vesalius3D

    • Unlock all preset visualizations
    • Edit, create, change and save visualizations
    • Create screenshots and capture videos
    • Use the Curve Editor tool
    • Fast restore tools

    And more

    • Library expanded to 5 patients
    • Use Vesalius3D offline
    L1: Advanced Visualization Package€ 25€ 250€ 600
  • Premium Tools

    Unlock the extraction/3D printing and measurements functionality in Vesalius3D

    Extraction/3D printing

    • Highlight extractions in visualizations
    • Toolkit to quickly create extractions:
      • Thresholding
      • Lasso tool
      • (un)Erasing
      • Region growing
      • Adding and subtracting
    • Create stl files for 3D printing

    Picking and measurements

    • Perform measurements in 2D and 3D
    • Measure lengths, angles, contours and volumes

    Premium Tools requires the Advanced Visualization Package and will be included your purchase.

    Already a user of the Advanced Visualization Package? You will only be charged for the Premium Tools.

    L2: Premium Tools ( Includes L1 )€ 75€ 750€ 1,800
  • Library Package

    Unlock the Vesalius3D library and data pack:

    • Full library access functionality
    • Import data of as many patients as you need
    • Multiple dataset visualizations, including multimodality visualizations for comparisons between scans
    • PACS connection possible
    • Open dicoms, stl, jpg, tiff and other files direct from your filesystem
    • Use Vesalius3D offline


    3D or 4D Ultrasound data (Philips DICOM in Cartesian format (US), GE VolDICOM (US))

    D1: Library Package€ 50€ 500€ 1,200
  • Full Version

    This package provides all the functionality that is available in the packages:

    • Advanced Visualization Package
    • Premium Tools
    • Library Package
    Full Version ( Includes L1 + L2 + D1 )€ 100€ 1,000€ 2,400
  • 3D stereo and Medical experience

    Medical certified visualization version of Vesalius3D, (class I)


    • Visualize your data in true 3D with stereoscopic screens and 3D projectors
    • Interact and navigate using our optical tracking solutions
    • Optimized for 3D workstations
    3D stereo and Medical experience€ 4,000

    Check the available packages for your current license here

    All packages come with free software maintenance which is included in the purchase price.
    After expiration all licenses will renew automatically. All prices are in Euro's and do not include VAT.