Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After loading a dataset, my 3D-View remains black and I do not see my data. My 2D-Views however do show the data. What is happening?
A: There seems to be an issue with your graphics card in combination with rendering the data in the 3D-View. Please contact to help solve this issue.

Q: After loading a dataset, Vesalius3D tries to open a “Presets” window. This window remains empty and Vesalius3D crashes. Why does it crash?
A: This means that Vesalius3D does not support your graphics card. There sadly is no way to use Vesalius3D with this graphics card. In order to use Vesalius3D please upgrade your graphics card, see the System Requirements

Q: I seem to be missing some presentation states. Where did they go?
A: Vesalius3D will not display presentation states if one of the associated datasets cannot be found. If you feel that all associated datasets are in the library, then press the “Reload States” button in the “Database Settings” tab of the “Settings” menu.

Q: After upgrading to v2.5.0, all my presentation states have disappeared. Where did they go and can I restore them?
A: For version 2.5.0, a lot of work was put into handling presentation states and all old states have to be converted to a new format before version 2.5.0 can be used. This is normally done on first startup of Vesalius3D, however, it might be possible that this fails.
To restore this, you should try the following:

  1. Open up Vesalius3D (version 2.5.0)
  2. Go to “File” in the top bar and choose “Settings”
  3. Go to “Database Settings” in the left panel
  4. Here you should see a section “Refresh Library” with a button “Reload States”
  5. Press this button. This can take a while, please wait until it completes entirely

When the process is done, all your states should be available again and should show up in the Vesalius3D Library.