Vesalius3D is a product of PS-Medtech ( PS-Medtech is a science-based high tech company with 10+ years of experience.

The companies objective is to offer realistic and comprehensive tools that will help doctors, practitioners and students to digest complex medical data faster, sharpen their skills and prepare for better patient outcomes.


PS-Medtech was spun out of PS-Tech ( . PS-Tech was founded in 2005 as Personal Space Technologies B.V. and is a high tech spin-off company of the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (

Its origin is in the field of Virtual Reality, which technology has been transferred to 3D Medical Imaging in the medical industry.
One of its first products was a medical imaging software called ‘Nobilee’, presented to the public for the first time at the ‘Euroecho’ conference in Lisbon, Portugal in 2007. Nobilee was later merged and upgraded to Vesalius3D in 2013.

From 2005 onwards software has been marketed together with 3D workstations such as PSS and C-Station. Systems have been sold in the Netherlands, Germany, China, Malaysia and Japan.

In the autumn of 2016 a dedicated version of Vesalius3D (Vesalius3D Medical 2016) was medically certified.

Starting 2017 Vesalius3D has been distributed to key users for PC based usage.

The company is based in the Netherlands and has offices in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Our Users

Vesalius3D has a wide variety of professional and non-professional users. C-Stations and PSS’s, together with Vesalius3D have been sold to hospitals worldwide.

Professionals in the domains of surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, vascular surgery, anatomy, radiology, plastic surgery and pediatrics are using the software on a regular basis.

Further the software is used for basic medical training and general eduaction purposes at universities and schools.

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User Experience Program

For a substantiated development of Vesalius3D we are assembling a group of involved users who are willing and able to provide us with essential input about Vesalius3D’s user interface, workflow, functionalities etc.

For this we have set up the Vesalius3D User Experience Program. If you want to join this program and read more about the terms and conditions please click here.


You can visit or contact us at one of our offices.

Amsterdam Office

Falckstraat 53 hs
1017 VV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Utrecht Office

Floridadreef 112
3565 AM Utrecht
The Netherlands